We live in a stressful world. Period. End of sentence. With the hustle culture brimming and being glued to a desk, sitting oftentimes more than eight hours a day, and staring into the abyss of blue light (our computers), it’s plain to see why we are a stressed-out culture.

The antithesis is exercise, and research is now pointing to group fitness classes are better for stress reduction than trying to make your gains solo!   

Body Masters Fit Club in Omaha has boot camp classes! Thrive in a group and achieve your goals with people who support you! Take a moment with us today and be in the know about boot camp classes and stress reduction!


Group Fitness is For Stress Reduction

If you’ve been training for a while now, you know there are just some days, or even weeks, where you just don’t have it. Your legs feel like lead, you’re tired, and your workout spirit just wants to veg!

And while we’re always proponents of listening to your body, pushing through workouts builds confidence and helps you make gains in your fitness.

What if there was a different way to work out and reduce your stress even more so than on your own? Research is pointing to group fitness as the antidote!


The Research Behind Stress Reduction and Group Fitness

The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association produced research citing that group fitness not only lowered stress more than working out on your own, but also improved a person’s physical, mental, and emotional state when doing so.

When people made the switch from solo to group workouts, their perceived stress levels were reduced by 26% and people also were able to increase their longevity by working out twice as long!

So, participating in a boot camp at Body Masters Fit Club in Omaha can yield better results than exercising alone, and it’s backed by research!

Why else sign up for group training?


Group training is social.

Because technology is at the forefront of most of our careers, many people don’t have the social part that jobs once provided — lunch breaks are taken at the desks and the chit-chat in the breakroom doesn’t happen. If you’re going through your workday without connection, you can find it in a boot camp.

Socialize about the class and build relationships with people that you can go more in-depth about life outside the group fitness class.  

Group fitness offers consistent training.

Consistency is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and group fitness can help you attain that! Not only are you paying for the class, but you also have a scheduled time a couple of times a week to devote your time and energy exclusively to fitness.

A group class can help you get healthy and maintain quality activity, all while having fun with others!

We can now conclude that group fitness such as boot camp classes reduces stress more than individual pursuits! In addition, group fitness classes offer socialization and connection and consistent training.

There are many more perks to group fitness classes, so stay tuned for more in a future post!

Don’t put off stress reduction and sign up for a boot camp class today!