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Welcome to our exclusive BMFC Powerlifting Class. This class is designed to help you get strong and fit! We will perfect your form so you can push the most out of your body.

No matter your level of fitness, anyone can make it a goal to be stronger and we are here to help you achieve your goals.


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Why Choose Our Powerlifting Class

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Getting Strong and Staying Healthy.

This Powerlifting class checks off all of the boxes if you’re looking to get strong, build strength, and/or challenge yourself to learn something new! We are dedicated to teaching people who want to get strong and push themselves! This is a class that offers the opportunity to even compete in powerlifting meets, if you so choose. If you’re ready learn new things, lift heavy, and work with a team that wants the best for your training, pick us!

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Great things are done with a team!

If your are looking to take your training to the next level, get stronger, and meet new people, our powerlifting class is the place for you! Our specialized and certified coaches are dedicated to helping YOU become the strongest version of yourself, while building a team of strong and dedicated individuals. When you become part of our team, you will get access to customized programming, in-person coaching, and an opportunity to become a part of a growing community. Look no further and join our Powerlifting Club today and start building your strength with our team today!

Let’s get strong together!


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Programing with a plan.

Our Powerlifting Class offers personalized training that you cannot find anywhere else in the area! Our custom programming also includes the fitness app called Train Heroic. This app allows you to easily see your workouts for the day, track your progress, and gives you more reasons to reach your goals.



Meet Our Coach 

Chris Schanou

Chris Schanou

Owner | Head Coach BMFC Power

More About Chris

Founder of Body Masters Fit Club, Chris Schanou, has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He started BMFC about 8 years ago and has loved his journey as a businessman, too, ever since. His passion for fitness, health, and helping people is what he thrives on. Chris played sports since he was little, so the concept of being on a team was instilled in him at a young age. If you are one of Chris’s clients, working with teamwork, is the key to success. He makes you feel comfortable to learn all different levels of fitness and to keep your workouts fun and productive.

When Chris isn’t spending his long hours at the gym, he is with the two beautiful girls in his life: his wife, Kayla and his ‘mini-me’ daughter, Greeley. Husker Football Games take up his weekends in the fall, and all other weekends are spent with family, yard work, or working on his vehicle…to satisfy his need for speed.

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All levels of fitness are welcome to join.
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What our members have to say!

I never considered myself an athlete, nor did I ever really like working out until started working out at Body Masters Fit Club. At the urging of my coach, I competed in my first Powerlifting competition in December of 2019. After competing, I was hooked. The Powerlifting Club has transformed the way I train. I have gained strength and muscle with the guidance of my coaches. Chris and Jodel are professional and knowledgeable. I absolutely love lifting because of the guidance and support I have received at Body Masters. 

Mikayla Bruner

I have done basketball and have been working out for years now but I never really thought of doing anything with lifting weight but then one of my friends started doing powerlifting at her school and recommended me to do it also. So after the end of basketball season I started powerlifting. Since then I have become to love it. Powerlifting with Body Masters Fit Club is so much fun and I am so happy that I could even have the opportunity to work on becoming a stronger person here.

Cate McMahon

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No contracts necessary. Pay month to month and cancel at any time.


Monthly Membership Plan.

$150 a month

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