Your goals are our first priority. We will create a workout program for you that fits your needs.

We provide a level of personal accountability that keeps you excited about health and fitness but also keeps you on top of what you are working towards. Personal training also includes guidance on creating healthy eating habits and monthly measurements.

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Cost/Session ~$40


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Cost/Session ~$31

Chris Schanou

Chris Schanou

Founder | Owner | Personal Trainer

More About Chris

Founder of Body Masters Fit Club, Chris Schanou, has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He started BMFC about 8 years ago and has loved his journey as a businessman, too, ever since. His passion for fitness, health, and helping people is what he thrives on. Chris played sports since he was little, so the concept of being on a team was instilled in him at a young age. If you are one of Chris’s clients, working with teamwork, is the key to success. He makes you feel comfortable to learn all different levels of fitness and to keep your workouts fun and productive.

When Chris isn’t spending his long hours at the gym, he is with the two beautiful girls in his life: his wife, Kayla and his ‘mini-me’ daughter, Greeley. Husker Football Games take up his weekends in the fall, and all other weekends are spent with family, yard work, or working on his vehicle…to satisfy his need for speed.

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Jordan Barboza

Jordan Barboza

Owner | Personal Trainer

More About Jordan

With 8+ years in the fitness industry, Jordan has personally trained hundreds of clients and has made many of them a success. With a no-shortcut type attitude, he believes hard work and effort is the only way to truly MAKE your body change. You can expect a slow approach to start out with making sure all technique and skill work is solid and then gradually increase intensity as your skill improves. While Jordan is a competitive athlete himself, he makes fun out of fitness by constantly giving you new skills to learn for those capable.

From gymnastics, Olympic lifting, strongman and functional fitness as a whole, you can guarantee that you will have fun while seeing results.

Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson

Personal Trainer

More About Chris

Chris Patterson is a fitness professional who has helped many over the years to accomplish their fitness goals ranging from losing weight to putting on muscle. 

Before becoming a Personal Trainer, Chris spent 8 years serving in the United States Army as a Patriot Missile Maintainer and Operator.  After spending 6 years in Active Duty and the birth of his daughter Jayda, Chris decided to transition into the Army Reserves and pursue a career in the fitness industry.  Specializing in hypertrophy and body composition, he has helped countless clients learn about proper dieting and lifestyle changes in order to ensure his clients’ success in their fitness journey.

In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with his daughter Jayda and enjoying the outdoors, if the weather isn’t too cold. 

Come say hi to Chris and see what he can do for you in accomplishing your fitness goals.