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Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin

Nutritionist /PHD

Tyler has knowledge and experience in nutrition gained through education, research, and working with the community on nutrition goals. He received an MS in Behavioral Science,- and a BS and Ph.D. in Nutrition and Health Promotion from the University of Nebraska. Past clients have successfully lost unwanted weight, lowered fat percentage and gained muscle, and simply bettered their overall diet.

“For the last 13 years, I have helped individuals of all ages meet nutritional goals. It has become a passion of mine to help the community live healthier lives through proper nutrition. The service I provide identifies your nutritional goals and tailors a nutrition program to meet those goals.”


Client Compliments :

  • “I lowered my A1c levels.”
  • “I can’t believe how much better I feel by simply adjusting my diet.”
  • “Now I have loose fitting clothes!”

Our Nutrition Program

Eduction dietitian

We take the time to teach you.

We get to know you and your personal nutritional goals. This allows us to provide the correct nutritional information to meet these goals. A personalize nutrition plan teaches you proper eating without making major changes to the foods you love and allows for continued healthy eating after working with our nutritionist.



Creating Balance is Key.

Health goals can be best met by eating healthy meals most of the time. To ensure a meal is healthy, it needs to focus on serving size, and include healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables. This can be accomplished by purchasing ready to eat meals formulated to have appropriate serving sizes and adequate nutrients from Body Masters. You can also work with our nutritionist to learn how to create and prepare your own meals in a healthier way.


Nutrition and health

Healthier life going forward.

It’s no longer a secret that healthy eating promotes health, a better quality of life, and more energy. If you are wanting to lose a few pounds or just eat cleaner, Body Masters nutrition can help provide you with the knowledge to eat better more balanced meals to give you the best chance to live a healthier life going forward.





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