Hi everyone,

We at Body Masters Fit Club are checking in, how has your mental health and Fitness been? With the ongoing pandemic continuing, along with just the stress of daily life, we know this can be a tough time for everyone. It is common for people to put their mental health to the side, but we at Body Masters Fit Club feel as though it is an important topic to discuss. We want to show we value the health of our community- whether it be physically or mentally, by providing this new blog post. To start, we are focusing on six ways in which physical fitness can impact your mental wellbeing:

1. Promotes positive well-being

By taking the step to invest in your Mental health and fitness, you are investing in yourself. You ultimately feel good about yourself after you complete a workout and know you accomplished something that day. In addition, you see changes in your body that builds confidence, increases your self- esteem, and gives you a healthy glow!

2. Mood booster
Physical fitness has proven to increase endorphins- a body’s happiness booster- proving your mood with a boost. You also start realizing you feel more energetic after working out and have a more positive outlook on situations.

3. Improves sleep
Prioritizing working out has been proven to promote better sleeping patterns, which helps with daily activities.

4. Stress reliever
Working out, for some, is a way to let out the stress of the day and have time to focus on themselves.

5. Good source of social support

Working out in group training or even at the gym can be a social activity for some. Working out with others may provide motivation, social interactions, and a way to relieve more stress by connecting with those around you.

6. Positive impacts on anxiety & depression

Physical fitness has been proven to promote changes in the mind, by encouraging neural growth, reduce inflammation, and promote patterns that encourage feelings of calm and well being. With the release of endorphins, it gives that feeling of happiness. Working out can also be considered a distraction for those who have stress in their daily lives.

Studies have shown that between two and six hours of exercise each week is best for optimal mental health (Maturitas 2017). The key to prioritizing your mental and physical health are getting started and staying committed to it. Do this for you! By taking charge of your physical health, we would be helping your mental health along the way. Whether you are new to fitness, just getting back into it, or advanced, there are many types of exercises and workout groups you can experiment with to bring out the best in you, all it takes is taking that first step. For that reason, we at Body Masters Fit Club are here to help you along the way! If you are interested in seeing what kind of options we have available for in person personal training, group fitness, or even remote workouts, please see the link below.

Thank you and seen ya soon, Body Masters Fit Club