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If you’re ready to get started on your new fitness program, then you’re in the right place! The team at Body Masters Fit Club is so excited to welcome you to our crew. With specialized and experienced trainers, quality equipment, and targeted classes, you’ll begin seeing dramatic changes in how you feel in no time. Boost your mood, improve your health, and develop some muscles in the process. We look forward to taking you to the next level.

Cost for Personal Trainer Clients $30/Month
Cost for Non-Clients $80/Month

If you would like to join our personal training program, we would like to offer unlimited gym access to you for $30/month. You can come in on the days you don’t have training to work on any exercises your trainer has taught you, or simply to get some additional workouts in.

For those of you who are not in the personal training program, you are still welcome to hang with us! Membership is $80/month for those who wish to use our facilities without hiring a trainer.

No matter what your fitness goals may be, we can’t wait to take you there. Get in touch with the team at Body Masters Fit Club with any questions you may have. We’ll see you in the gym soon!

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