Jordan Barboza

Jordan Barboza

Owner | Personal Trainer| CFL1

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With 8+ years in the fitness industry, Jordan has personally trained hundreds of clients and has made many of them a success. With a no-shortcut type attitude, he believes hard work and effort is the only way to truly MAKE your body change. You can expect a slow approach to start out with making sure all technique and skill work is solid and then gradually increase intensity as your skill improves. While Jordan is a competitive athlete himself, he makes fun out of fitness by constantly giving you new skills to learn for those capable.

From gymnastics, Olympic lifting, strongman and functional fitness as a whole, you can guarantee that you will have fun while seeing results.


      The Body Masters Fit Club signature Strength & Conditioning Class is the best offer to take advantage of! Jordan has specially designed this class from the ground up and has created what, we believe, will bring true health and wellness to others.

      Becoming strong and using movements that mimic the recruitment patterns of everyday life is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. We do this by utilizing any and all multi-joint movements. Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Medicine Balls, Clean and Jerk… you name it, we use it.

      The question often arises, though, as to how to make this regimen applicable to the novice person. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner learner, the needs of the two may differ, but the end goal still manifests through identical physiological mechanisms. We use the same routines for both and do not change the program, instead we tweak the load and intensity for who we are catering to.

       When starting with our strength and conditioning class, every new member will go through an introductory period lasting anywhere from 4-8 session. In these sessions you will work 1-on-1 with one of our strength and conditioning coaches to make sure you comprehend and can perform all 9 of our foundational movements, The Air Squat, The Front Squat, The Overhead Squat, The Shoulder Press, The Push Press, The Push Jerk, The Deadlift, the Sumo Deadlift High pull and the Medicine Ball Clean. Once you master our foundations course you will then be able to join along in as many classed you would like each Month! Hope to see you there!

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CLASS TIMES:  Mon-Fri | 6am | 12pm | 6pm