Accelerate your results — together! Body Masters Fit Club in Omaha has the leading group fitness classes!

At Body Masters Fit Club, we’re building a fitness community one class at a time! With a variety of classes from invested trainers and a smattering of different days and times, we can further our results, together!

Why Choose Our Group Fitness Classes?

While some are lone wolves and like to hit the pavement or their home gym alone, many love company of others as they workout.

At Body Masters Fit Club, our group fitness classes provide an opportunity to maximize your fitness while fostering friendships — you can work, train, and stay committed with a group of people who want to see you succeed!

What Our Group Fitness Classes Offer

Participate in the power of group fitness at Body Masters Fit Club! We offer dynamic group classes that require you to dig in and give it your all. When you train with us we implement a variety of strength training workouts with a diverse set of trainers so you can tailor your workout to what you need!

Whether you’re here to burn fat and build lean muscle or make serious muscle gains, when you join our group fitness classes you’ll improve your health with a community that has your back!