1. Burpee & Box Jump

    Demonstration of how to a Burpee & Box Jump Workout by Chris Schanou of Body Masters and Tim Collins with TC’s Strength and Conditioning. In addition, we show you the way to do a modified version of the Burpee for those not comfortable with the full version. The burpee and box jump are compoun…Read More

  2. Compound Exercises

    Compound Exercises Like a classic automobile, your body is a system, all parts working together in harmony when it’s at its best. And like a car, your body needs quality maintenance of all those parts in order to operate at peak efficiency.compound exercises You could address one issue at a time …Read More

  3. Add Technology and Get Fit Faster

    Did you know your smartphone can help you stay fit and in shape? Some technology makes you lazier. A remote makes it easy to be a couch potato. You get a new video game and suddenly the only exercise you get is fancy thumb action. But today’s hottest technological trends are applications and devic…Read More

  4. Getting Fit for Spring

    Once Again, Swimsuit Season Lurks Around the Corner Getting fit for spring with Body Masters Personal or Group Fitness TrainingIt’s that time of year again – time to put up the sweaters and bring out the clingy dresses and – gulp – the Swimsuit. (Cue Dum-dum DAAAAH music here.) It’s only a…Read More

  5. The Biggest Weight Loss Winner: You!

    Recently, fans of The Biggest Loser were rocked at the news that while their favorite contestants were able to lose immense amounts of weight quickly, it proved far more difficult to keep it off. Their bodies burn far fewer calories than normal for a person of their size. That means they have to wor…Read More

  6. Video: How to do a Deadlift & Back Squat Workout

    Demonstrate the proper way to do a Deadlift & Back Squat Workout by Chris Schanou of Body Masters and Tim Collins with TC’s Strength and Conditioning. The deadlift is a compound exercise and is great for building strength in your quads, gluts and hamstrings. The squat works many muscles in you…Read More

  7. Group Training

    You don’t always need a one-to-one trainer-trainee ratio for personal training. A recent trend has been toward using personal training’s tailored techniques and direct coaching methods with small groups, retaining the personal touch so critical to individualized training while also embracing som…Read More

  8. Our Training in the Great American Radio Auction!

    Body Master’s training is part of the Great American Radio Auction this year! We have 5 auctions available for 12 sessions of personal training or 3 months of our fit group training class! There are no reserves on these auctions, so they can be a great way to get some training at a reduced cost. 1…Read More