Did you know your smartphone can help you stay fit and in shape?

Some technology makes you lazier. A remote makes it easy to be a couch potato. You get a new video game and suddenly the only exercise you get is fancy thumb action.

But today’s hottest technological trends are applications and devices that remind you to keep moving, help you track what you eat, and allow you to watch your progress over time. Fitness experts like your friends at Body Masters have increasingly used these tools to create new routines, enhance current ones and help you hold yourself accountable, even when you’re not working directly with a trainer.

For example, using a Fitbit with its smartphone app and the iPhone Health app makes it easy for you to monitor your heart rate and steps during a workout. That means we can give you a specific heart rate to achieve, and you have the tools literally at your fingertips to ensure you reach it. It makes it easier to create precise tailored goals for you, the client, and it makes it easier for us to closely monitor your progress, correcting problems and creating manageable goals. But that’s just the beginning.

Some Effective Fitness Techniques Using Technology

Try competing. Since at least 2014 in Washington, DC, legislators who are normally at one another’s throats have engaged in friendly competitions to see who can walk the most every day. Individually and in teams, by office or government department, our elected officials battle the bulge while fighting for their causes.

You can do this, too. Try starting a group at work, or check for local online groups that use Fitbit and other wearable technologies to compete. You’ll make getting in shape fun, and you might even make a few friends.

Log daily workouts and stats. Fitbit, Apple Health, and other apps can be set up to notify you when you haven’t taken as many steps as yesterday or you haven’t logged your workout. This means even when your busy schedule distracts you from your fitness responsibilities, your handy electronic assistant can ensure you don’t forget.

With wearable technology, you have extra information, too. Fitbit and other apps record your steps, heart rate, activity, calories burned and even sleep quality. The trainers at Body Masters can help you interpret this wealth of data to track your progress and create smart future fitness goals.

Track your diet.

This is probably the most elementary part of your smart technology fitness routine. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can choose from dozens of apps that allow you to log your meals, automatically tracking your calories and other nutrition information.

We like Fitness Pal, an app we use with every single client to log breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It makes it easy to track calories, carbs, sugar, protein and sodium intake. Adding body measurements and a target weight enables Fitness Pal to set daily calorie intake limits to meet your weight loss goals.

Behavioral Changes

Fitness technology isn’t just a short-term solution. Your Fitbit, Apple Watch or favorite wearable can help you change bad habits and implement long-term health-positive changes in your behavior. If you implement these devices properly, you can improve your health over the long haul by living and eating differently.

Devices still have a long way to go to apply behavioral change techniques properly, but a good personal trainer can help guide you onto that path to good health. Personal trainers understand how to alter bad habits into positive and lasting behaviors by working with the data you gather in just a few apps.

Bragging Rights

One of our favorite things about this new technology is how excited our clients are about their accomplishments. Smart devices often give immediate feedback, energizing and motivating users to break through walls and achieve even stretch goals. Increasingly, we see clients coming in eager to share accomplishments with trainers and one another. This ensures we can reinforce those accomplishments. We love telling clients exactly how and why they’ve achieved more than expected.

For more information about how Body Masters can help you implement fitness technology into your daily routine, give us a call. We’d love to help you live your life better.