At Body Masters Fit Club, our passion is your success.


At Body Masters Fit Club, our passion is helping you achieve your goals—pushing you to be relentless.


Body Masters Fit Club offers cutting-edge technology for your personal training experience.

We have a phone app where you are able to track your strength and endurance progress, a heart rate monitor to track heart rate and calories burned per session, and a medical grade scale to measure your weight, body fat, and muscle mass. As fitness professionals, we will never have to take guesses at your fitness; we measure and track all of your statistics, so you KNOW you’re getting what you pay for. 


At Body Masters Fit Club, we provide functional fitness for everyday people.

We offer two programs in our private personal training facility specially designed to help you reach your goals successfully.


If you’re not a fan of crowds, our one-on-one personal training offerings are the perfect fit for you. We create unique workout programs that fit your personal needs & fitness goals.

2. Strength & Conditioning Class

If you like to workout with a group of people that holds you accountable, our small group training is the perfect option for building positive relationships & reaching your goals.

Bottom line, we custom fit your workouts for you.

We take the time to sit down and ask what goals you want to achieve and even help you with nutrition. It doesn’t matter if it’s weight loss, gaining muscle, toning your body, or just overall health, we want to go through the challenge with you!

Best training facility in Omaha! Fun atmosphere and friendly trainers

Micheal N.

Holy Cow…what a work out these trainers give you. David & Chris have a great gym, great, professional staff. Eight of our office staff use Body Masters and we have have lost over a 100lbs (combined) in weight loss. I Highly recommend Body Masters!!!

Ed M.
Its an amazing place to start your journey of really taking control of your life! I have trained with Chris for 4 yrs and he kicks my butt every time, BUT not only does he push me, but he also helps me get the results I want because he never let’s me give up! Its very family oriented, and its such a wonderful environment, & everyone is always friendly!
Tacie S.

Body Masters Fit Club